Monday, March 28, 2011

South Italy/Reader\North Italy Love Like Whoa (Smut)

[Name] couldn't help but laugh while she watched the two Italian brothers fight with each other. She didn't really even remember how this fight had started in the first place. Last thing she remembered was she and Italy were sitting on the couch talking together. Italy had asked her if he could kiss her and she agreed. When he started to lean into her lips, Romano came out of no where and tackled him off the couch. You watched as Romano was chocking Italy while headbutting his head against his own. Romano was shouting something, but it was being spoken so fast and in Italian, she couldn't understand a single word of it.

"Big brother I can't breath! Big brother I can't breath!" Italy cried out while trying to stop his brother from choking him any further. [Name] finally realized that Romano wasn't playing anymore, not that he was playing in the beginning but still, he was really trying to kill little Italy! [Name] had to think of something fast, but what could she possibly do to completely stop Romano's attack on little Italy? Ahhhh, she remember what Spain had told her one day. She figured now would be the best time to put Spain's words into action. Jumping from the couch, [Name]'s hand shot out for Romano's hair curl.

In an instant Romano had stopped headbutting Italy and his hands loosened from around his throat. [Name] smiled to herself, bringing her finger up and around his curl one time before letting it go. Romano shook violently taking a step away from [Name] and Italy. [Name] smiled and turned towards Italy, who had tears in the sides of his eyes, and gave him a hug. She rubbed the top of his head softly whispering sweet words into his ear trying to ease the pain that Romano had caused. Italy moaned making [Name] stop and look at him, only to figure out that she had accidentally brushed up against his hair curl as well.

"Looks like [Name]'s feeling naughty today." Romano's husky voice reached her ears while feeling his arms wrap around from behind, sandwiching her between the two Italian brothers. She blinked a couple of times before she finally realized just where she had placed herself. Turning around slightly, she seen Romano's flirtatious smirk. [Name] smiled while giving an uneasy chuckle, turning back around to look at Italy she gasped. [e/c] orbs locked with honey brown ones, Italy had his eyes open. They were soft, warm, and inviting, something you always expected from him.

"I think we should teach [Name] that she can't just play with us. What do you think Feli?" Romano asked looking over at his little brother who gave a loving smile and nodded.

"Ve~ Let's have some fun♥"

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